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The NOURISH Yogi Meditation Candle is fragranced with Earl Grey Tea & Cucumber.

This light, fresh and slightly tangy aroma evokes elegant al fresco afternoon tea parties taken with teeny cucumber sandwiches.



Inspired by the healing Mantra Om Tryambakam.

This mantra may be chanted aloud or silently to oneself during meditation to bring about healing through illness or release when something in life reaches an end.

In yoga philosophy this mantra is associated with the essence of Hindu deity, Lord Shiva, known as the powerful Destroyer. Just as destruction can occur in life, thus releasing one from unwanted situations, ill health, loss of a loved one or the end of a relationship, so can new & positive beginnings emerge.


The Sanskrit version is as follows:

Om Tryambakam yajamahe
sugandhim pushti vardhanam
urvarukam iva bandhanam
mrityor mukshiya ma amritat

One translation is:

“We bow to the three-eyed one (Shiva), who is fragrant and supremely nourishing and represents the supreme Light of inner wisdom. May we be released from all bondage and suffering just as the stalk gently releases the cucumber. May our minds be overtaken by this supreme Light, which is the immortal nectar of Shiva.”


Use your meditation candle, along with the Mantra above, to reflect upon any of the issues mentioned above, such as health, healing, endings, loss and so on to bring about release and evoke positive new beginnings.

Or, simply, light the candle and enjoy the subtle aroma!



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