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The CONTENTMENT Yogi Meditation Candle is fragranced with Bay & Rosemary.

This soft & subtle herbal aroma simply reminds one of lazy days tinkering in the herb garden. It’s one for the days when overpowering fragrance is simply not required. When it’s enough just to be present, either alone or with others, accept what we have and what we are, and simply be content with life.



Inspired by the Niyamas, the second of Patanjali’s 8 Limbs of Yoga (from the Yoga Sutras (II.32), which is basically the Yogi’s ethical Guidebook). The Niyamas are a set of 5 “observances” that yogis must show in respect of themselves.

This candle is inspired by the second niyama – Santosha – meaning CONTENTMENT.

Meditation & Mantra

The mantra which springs to mind with respect to the second Niyama, is the Astanga Closing Mantra:

svastiprajābhyah paripālayantām nyāyena mārgena mahim mahīśah
gobrāhmanebhyah śubhamastu nityam lokāh samastāh sukhinobhavantu
Om shanti shanti shantih

Translated as:

May all be well with mankind.
May the leaders of the earth protect it and all beings by keeping the right path.
May there be goodness for those who know the earth to be sacred.
May all the world be happy.
Om peace peace peace

Sanskrit and chanting might not be your thing, of course, so you may prefer to recite just the last (& most popular) line instead

Lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu, which means May all the world be equally happy

Use your meditation candle, along with the Mantra above, to meditate upon, acceptance, being present, and CONTENTMENT.

Or, simply, light the candle and enjoy the subtle aroma!



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