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The BLISS Yogi Meditation Candle is fragranced with Wild Mint.

This fresh, minty, slightly sweet fragrance helps to bring about a sense of purpose & belief in oneself.



Inspired by the Chakras, which are subtle energy centres situated along the length of the spine, this Yogi Meditation Candle is designed to work on the CROWN Chakra. Being the SEVENTH chakra, SAHASRARA, located at the crown of the head, this chakra heightens spiritual connection and brings a sense of enlightenment when balanced.

Meditation & Mantra

All the chakras have a seed mantra (known as bija in Sanskrit) or sound vibration associated with it.

The seed mantra for the CROWN chakra is THE SILENT OM.

When OM is repeated silently to ourselves, we are able to bring harmony to the crown chakra.

Alternatively, simply saying the words “I AM” OR “I UNDERSTAND” OR “I AM SURROUNDED & PROTECTED BY DIVINE LIGHT” to oneself, will have the same effect.

Use your meditation candle, along with either of these mantras, to gain greater insight into any feelings of having no purpose or lack of trust in the Self.

Or, simply, light the candle and enjoy the subtle aroma!


For more information on Yoga, Meditation and the Chakras, check out our blog post HERE.


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