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We support women worldwide face the challenge of menopause!

Welcome! We’re so glad you’re here!

By guiding women in their self-care choices, through the wisdom of yoga, nutritional advice and aromatherapy, they feel empowered to take on the challenge of menopause with full confidence & control.

Menopause, from peri- to post-menopause, and its plethora of unwanted symptoms, such as – anxiety, stress, depression, weight gain, changing body shape, loss of self-esteem, brain fog, hot flushes, insomnia, fatigue, low libido, headaches, pain, inability to experience pleasure (you get the picture!) – needs no longer control your life.  

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Heart Yoga’s online health and wellness guidance provides you with all the self-care tools you need to regain control & overcome the challenge of menopause. Enabling you to live your best life yet! 

How do we get the advice to you?

If you can’t get to a yoga class or local consultation, don’t let the distance between us hold you back. There’s no need to leave your home (another issue for some), as we also provide all our guidance to you online!  

Tell us more about your menopause struggles here, and we’ll tell you how we can help. You may also be interested in joining our private Facebook Group – Changelings to participate and share in more confidential discussions on all things menopause with a group of like-minded women.

Yoga for the challenge of menopause

Yoga comes in many forms, be it asana practice (physical), guided meditation (mental & spiritual), mindfulness & breathing (pranayama), or restorative and yoga Nidra (yogic sleep) techniques.  

Whichever route you choose, Yoga helps you to re-connect with your body and mind.

In case you are in any doubt, yoga has been scientifically proven to improve menopause symptoms.  

We’ve already done much of the research and trawled through available studies (saving you the bother), which demonstrate the benefit of yoga for menopause in attenuating certain health risks associated with menopause (eg osteoporosis & cardiovascular disease) or reducing bothersome challenges, such as brain fog, low self-esteem and stress.

Join our Beginners Yoga Classes


Since 16th March 2020, we have been running our Beginners Yoga Classes online. You can find a library of these free classes under the Videos section of our Heart Yoga Facebook Page here. Don’t forget to Like & Follow us while you’re there too!

To find out more about our live online class schedule and how to attend these on the Zoom App, click on the image below.

In January 2020 we launched our  in-person Beginners’ Yoga Classes  – specifically designed for Menopause – these will be resumed once we are through the Coronavirus Crisis.  

Join at any time, we will be running classes continuously, register your interest here.

Nutrition for the challenge of menopause 

Nutrition plays a huge role in menopause symptom control.  And, for that reason, it can feel quite daunting even to attempt to find the right food and supplement regime to support yourself as you battle your hormones.

We are here to help you re-balance your nutrient intake for optimum health.

We provide valuable nutritional tips and ideas that will easily fit into your family mealtimes, so that you no longer have to feel like the outcast!

If you’d like our handy checklist of foods to balance your hormones, get in touch here.

Aromatherapy for the challenge of menopause

Heart Yoga also brings you appropriate information and guidance on how to harness the benefit of nature’s precious essential oils – safely, at home – for improved health and menopause symptom management.

Coming directly from plants, with no extra additives, aromatherapy oils can bring about a number of positive benefits to help revive your senses and revitalise your body.  

New to aromatherapy?  Just tell us what your worst symptoms are here and we’ll send you some easy instructions to get you started.

Once again, a very warm welcome to Heart Yoga.

To find out more about our founder, Sally, & her own personal experience of the challenge of menopause, click the image below.