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7-Day Green Juice Challenge For Menopause

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Hello & Welcome to

The 7-Day Green Juice Challenge for Menopause!

It’s been far too long since I last posted, but I will be honest with you, I have been suffering from the usual ills and spills that occur at this time of year (certainly in the Northern hemisphere, anyway!).  It really knocked me for six, as they say, and lasted a good couple of weeks before any sort of improvement could be seen.

Why have I designed this?

Whilst I was lying low, feeling sorry for myself, I figured out that, in all probability, my usual resilience against the cold virus was lacking because, this year alone, I have already had to take 7, yes s-e-v-e-n, batches of antibiotics!  On-the-trot! In an attempt to clear up a persistent urinary tract infection (UTI). This, I discovered, is yet another menacing symptom of the menopause, caused by a decline in the protective effects of oestrogen (something I will cover at a later date).

As effective as antibiotics might be (or not, in my case!), they do have a tendency to kill off all the good bugs in the gut as well though.  When your gut is compromised, such as through illness or (in my case) drastic, medical intervention, your immune function also suffers.

We therefore need a huge intake of probiotics (good gut bacteria) to boost the immune system and re-raise our defences.  Having had most of my microbiome (environment of healthy probiotic bacteria) obliterated by antibiotics, it was obvious that just popping a pill and hoping for the best wasn’t going to be enough.

Hence, my upcoming juice challenge has not only been designed for alleviating menopause symptoms, but also for  protecting against and preventing any of these nasty opportunistic bugs from rearing their ugly heads again.

The nutrients in dark green leafy vegetables (of which there are plenty in this challenge) don’t just do us good, but they also act as nourishment (prebiotic) for the good bugs (probiotics) in the gut, thereby helping them to re-colonise (microbiome) in readiness for battle (immune system) against any further pathogenic (bad bug) invasion!  Phew!

What is it?

So, the challenge…. does exactly as it says on the tin…. all you need to do is prepare and drink one green juice per day for 7 days.  Next record your thoughts (how it made you feel etc).  Then feedback any positive health benefits you may experience on the Facebook Page. Simples!

When is it?

It starts this Monday, 11th November 2019!

How can I join?

So, if you see this post in time and fancy giving it a go during the “live” roll-out period, then please click the link below RIGHT NOW & sign up! 

What can I expect?

Once I have your contact details, I shall forward all the relevant details required upfront (including ingredients shopping list, journal template to record your thoughts, etc).

The evening prior (so this Sunday, if you’re joining live) you will receive the recipe for the next day, along with details of all the benefits the recipe affords.

If you’re lucky (!) you may also be able to view yours truly on video talking through the juicing procedure and how each ingredient can alleviate or prevent symptoms of the menopause, thus giving you a better idea of what to expect!

Whilst I haven’t designed this challenge as a weight loss programme specifically, it may be used to reduce a few poundsif the juices are used as a meal substitute.  This is entirely down to individual choice however, as the challenge recommends having the juice in addition to normal meals.  I will add a caveat here.  As I also recommend adding extra health-giving ingredients, such as flaxseed oil, not only for its ability to enhance nutrient absorption and provide essential fatty acids, but also to provide a feeling of satiety (or fullness), you may very well find that you do not need to eat as much at your regular mealtimes, so weight reduction may well be an added benefit.

What are you waiting for?

Sound good? If this floats your boat and you fancy a seasonal health boost, now’s your chance!

>>>Click here, sign up, join in… and wait for the magic to happen!!!!<<<

I’ll be waiting to hear from you and ready to support you all the way.

Sending love and good health.

See you on ๐ŸThe 7-Day Green Juice Challenge๐Ÿ



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